Licence Number: 200/057/058


Established in 2001, Om Shree Mahashakti Employment Pvt. Ltd. has a well-equipped office in Samakhushi, Kathmandu and is registered with the Department of Labour, Government of Nepal having the license number 200/057/058. Om Shree Mahashakti Employment Pvt. Ltd. is a name that has gained wide popularity in a short span of time. Currently, it has been established as one of the best manpower supplying companies in the country.

Since its establishment, the company has been engaged in recruiting Nepalese manpower for the employers of repute from every part of the globe. In this regard, we have always striped to be transparent, sincere and honest in our dealings while picking out the cream talent to serve the best interest.

Our motto is not just working as a manpower-recruiting agency but we have made every effort to lend our helping hands in fighting the unemployment problem in the country. Since we are of the firm belief that only a competitive organization with a competent team of staffers can excel in this sector, we have tried out best to keep up the spirits by keeping intact the fame that we have earned in a short span of time.

It would not be unfair to say that we work for a cause!


The Om Shree Mahashakti Employment Pvt. Ltd. simply believes in doing things in a different manner with the objective of supplying qualified, skilled, trained, sincere and enthusiastic labor force, seeking employment opportunities, from Nepal to different parts of the world especially to Gulf Countries, Malaysia and other parts of the world.

  • It is a name that has earned worldwide reputation. Besides, the President of this company has earned over ten years of expertise in manpower recruitment business.
  • The main objective of establishing this company is to help the government in easing the unemployment situation of the country by providing appropriate overseas employment to assiduous and dependable Nepalese youths.
  • Besides, we also provide suitable employment opportunities to intellectuals in different fields as and when such a demand is generated by the foreign employers.